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In providing back-up power supplies for medical purposes, our mission at MediProducts is to assist medical professionals with the task of implementing up-to-date energy storage and energy conversion technology for use in their specialized work environment. This involves a constant striving for energy-efficient and space-efficient designs that are simultaneously safe, economical, easy to use and compliant with medical sanitary protocol. Established in 1990, at a time when America was experiencing an increase in small outpatient surgery centers, MEDI+Products quickly became recognized as a quality supplier of simple, reliable medical generators to doctor's offices and hospitals. The REASSURANCE is designed by engineers with a bio-medical background and can be customized to suit a user's needs. They are capable of powering lights and various motor-driven appliances, x-rays and lasers, and are widely used as a general-purpose device in medical facilities. They are not intended for life-support. Units are backed with a comprehensive one-year warranty.