Company Profile About us Medel was established in Parma in 1966. It started its business in the field of inhalation with the development of aerosol therapy systems. Medel aerosol devices soon built a reputation for their simplicity of use combined with the utmost efficacy. Today Medel is proud of its technological innovations, real solutions that have obtained worldwide patents. Thanks to its professionalism over the years, Medel has become a leader in the medical field. Medel technological developments have made life easier for millions of people all over the world. A strong propensity towards genuine new advances and a desire to deliver its vision in other settings, have driven the company to establish its credentials in different fields and define Medel as a robust and yet diverse reality. Over time this development has seen the introduction of new product lines and categories, for example Diagnostics (Blood pressure monitors and thermometers), Wellbeing (Humidifiers, scales) Fitness (heart rate monitors, electro-stimulators, step counters). At the same time different brands have been introduced: Mebby Love & Science, an innovative product line dedicated to babies and mothers. Zeiner for professional medical equipment. The Medel group is now a well established entity, with its brand names distributed all over the world through high quality pharmacies, medical product stores and nursery stores. It exports over 60% of its production and is represented in over 70 countries, including the United States, Europe, Japan and the Arab states. The company strategic focus is its commitment to quality and sensitivity to the needs of patients and clients all over the world. This dedication to quality is officially acknowledged year after year by some of the worlds’ most important institutions: in 1994 Medel was the first European company to gain accreditation by the Japanese Quality Assurance organisation (JQA), whilst its operations have conformed to the Quality System certification, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The Medel Group; based in Italy with an international reputation.