MedEcon Ruhr: Health Management Network on the Ruhr MedEcon Ruhr [Medicine Economy Ruhr] is the central address for the health care industry in the Ruhr metropolitan area. Based on a vital pool of information, our services are focused on the operational pillars: network, project development and regional marketing. MedEcon Ruhr began as a regional community initiative in 2003 and founded its own association in 2007 which in the meantime has more than 100 companies and institutes from different sectors in the health care industry.

The close contact with the players together with an analytical view of the value creation chain and medical engineering innovations characterise the quality of our contacts and advice. The Ruhr metropolis is Germany's largest marketplace. This in particular applies to the No. 1 employer, the health care industry. MedEcon Ruhr sees itself as a driving force in developing the profile of the region and as an ambassador for a new Ruhr area with respect to the structural change in the region.