Company Profile Corporate Philosophy The motto of our company : " Our heart is for the children " we literally. MedCare Visions ® was founded in 2000 as a sales and service company with a special focus on children's and maternity care . We have deliberately decided against the general trend for this particular niche market to focus with all our energy , our expertise and our contacts out for premature and newborn infants a high quality, specifically tailored to this area offer to provide . As a complete supplier of children's and maternity care , we combine child-friendly products with new forms of treatment . Whether developmental care of preterm birth or innovative monitoring whether hypothermia therapy or neurological monitoring, in addition to the high legal quality standard applies to us as a main objective the search for gentle , kind and practical solutions and procedures. We see ourselves as sales and service companies in the interface between customers and manufacturers. We work as a link between industry and clinicians working to develop new practice-and patient-oriented work processes and treatment strategies for mothers and children. Quality can only come through knowledge and motivation - this is as true for us as well as for clinical medicine. Therefore, we specifically implement this new work processes and treatment strategies through high-quality, practice- relevant education and training. with examples of everyday clinical practice . We create space for positive change in the thinking and actions of employees. Our heart beats for the little ones : Together, let us meet the challenges of the thoroughgoing reform of our health care in the coming years - we are ready and looking forward to partnering with you.