Company Profile Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services MAZeT GmbH is an electronics design & manufacturing services provider, which is specialized in the market segment of medical electronics, automation technology and industrial electronics with customized, embedded computing solutions and mixed signal ASIC/FPGA design services. MAZeT provides its own products and solutions for applications of spectral and color sensor technology under the brand name JENCOLOR. MAZeT is a DIN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485 certified service partner. The company was founded in 1992 with headquarters in Jena. MAZeT employs more than 95 people and approx. 70% are engineers. The history of MAZeT GmbH is characterized by continual company growth. The business concept of MAZeT has the goal of providing extensive service, starting from the product idea of the customer to the delivery of customized electronics and including the further maintenance over the entire prod-uct life cycle. MAZeT GmbH has an experienced engineering team for developing FPGAs with substantial requirements for data throughput (e.g., image processing), embedded computing modules (Power PC, Intel) for medical equipment and measuring equipment used outdoors, as well as mixed signal ASICs for processing sensor signals in industrial electronics. Developing firmware and customized application software complete the scope of services offered by MAZeT GmbH. SERVICES: Customized Design Integrated Circuit (analog / digital / mixed signal design) / ASIC & FPGA JENCOLOR Color & Spectral Sensors (RGB, True Color, Multispectral sensors (Multiple Color Sensors), Sensor Signal Amplifiers, Sensorboards) Embedded Computing (Development and Manufacturing customized electronic components with Hardware and Software (Development including Firmware, PCB Design) Manufacturing of customized electronic components and devices Device engineering and Delivery Prototyping & Volume Production Industrial PCs Logistic and Test Downloads: MAZeT Flyer - Overview of MAZeT's Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services JENCOLOR Flyer - Overview of the JENCOLOR products an applications Company Brochure - Successful partnerships for 20 years!