Company Profile About Us mattteo is manufacturer of the MODUL-iT and MODU-FLEX ISO 6040 modular storage & transport systems with integrated RFID enabled KanBan storage solutions (i-ROOM ) and intelligent cabinets (i-CAB ) allowing real time stock management and traceability. Both can be used with our logistic software platform (Juliette ) with specific modules for OR and CSSD. mattteo = make things talk to each other mattteo is manufacturing: - ISO modular trays, baskets, dividers and label holders - ISO modular rack systems - ISO modular open and closed trolleys in differtent sizes and shapes - ISO modular cabinets - ISO modular liners and fittings for ISO modular cabinets - Realtime RFID KanBan system i-ROOM - Realtime RFID intelligent cabinet i-CAB - OR and CSSD software JULIETTE