Company Profile History of Mattes-Instrumente GmbH, Tuttlingen On April 1st, 1967 the company Fred Mattes was founded in Tuttlingen-Nendingen. The success that followed laid the foundation of the company as it is today. Many customers were brought to Mattes by word of mouth. The enormous increase of export to many countries at that time led to the registration of Mattes in the commercial register under Nr. HRB 537 TU. Approaching retirement age, Fred Mattes handed over operational responsabilities to his son at the end of 1989. From January 1990 Jens Mattes took over the company changing it s name to Mattes Instrumente GmbH, Haldenstr. 27, 78532 Tuttlingen, Germany. Also, on December 28, 1990 a new registration in the commercial register followed under nr. HRB 450637. Effectively 1998 Mr. Jens Mattes took over as president of his company. Nowadays the products of Mattes Instrumente are exported very successfully all over the world. With the introduction of a quality management system according to EN ISO 13485:2003 followed by certification we intend to maintain and further increase our market position and competitive strength. Mattes Instrumente GmbH medical technologies Haldenstr. 27 TUTTLINGEN/GERMANY