Matlock Endoscopic Repairs Sales & Service Inc

Endorse Company
Matlock Endoscopic, by utilizing the newest technologies and precision techniques, M.E.R. remains a trusted ISO for hospitals, surgery centers, and doctor and veterinarian offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. In an industry where clients are often referred to only by their account numbers, the M.E.R. team spends time getting to know each of our customers personally. This enables us to provide a level of service tailored to fit the unique requirements of your facility. Today, more than ever, bottom line matters. So whether you are seeking an alternative to the OEM or your facility is under an OEM contract and you need a reliable ISO to keep your excluded OlympusTM 100, 130 or 140 equipment in top working condition, M.E.R has a flexible solution just for you.