Marlen Mfg & Development Co

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MARLEN has been a leading innovator in ostomy care. Offering an extensive line ofone-piece and two-piece systems for Ileostomies (drainable), Colostomies (closed end) and Urostomies, MARLEN has always strived to provide the highest quality products while meeting the comfort and security needs of our customers. In addition to our new Mini-Max™ (one-piece), UltraMax™ (one piece), UltraMax™ Gemini™ (two-piece) and Ultra-Lite (one-piece) product families, MARLEN also offer a choice of barriers including our new MaxSeal™ Protective Barrier Ring and our UltraSeal™ Flexible Barrier Ring in both 2" and 4" sizes. A variety of ostomy accessories are also available that complement the product line.