MagQu Co., Ltd.

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MagQu Co., Ltd. MagQu, found in 2008, is a world-level designer and manufacture for immunomagentic nanoparticles/microbeads. These immunomagentic particles are applied to in-vivo labeling, in-vitro diagnosis, and in-vitro purification. For in-vitro bio-applications, MagQu is certificated with ISO13485 and GMP. In addtion to immunomagentic particles, MagQu provides immuno-analyzers for high-sensitivity immunoassay with an aid of antibody-fucntionalized magentic nanoparticles. Three typical assay kits are for the blood tests of Alzheimer's disease, colorectal cancer, and hepatocellular carcinoma. With the unique know-how and 37 worldwidepatents, MagQu can serves cutomers with high-quality immunomagentic particles and in-vitro-diagnosis kits.