Magnified Video Dentistry was founded by a group of leading innovators, Randy Donahoo, Bob Seawell, and Lee Harrison who have spent decades designing and developing technically advanced Dental Imaging products. By thinking out of the box, they have designed many of the concepts that are now standards in the modern high-tech dental operatory. During this time, they realized that the biggest need for improvements in dentistry was actually with the way that dentists and staff had to bend and contort to perform most procedures. They saw a need to provide dentists a more modern solution that would allow both dentists and staff to perform most dental procedures from a correct, heads-up, more relaxed posture position, similar to medical surgery.

Thanks to new breakthroughs in optical and video technologies, they were able to take these advances even one step further to meet those needs. The results were amazing and led to the development of the first Dental Procedure scope, the MagnaVu PS3 and the first multi-function LED Dental Operatory Light, the MagnaLux.

The MagnaVu PS3 Scope produces precise, clear, highly magnified images, which eliminates the need for magnified loupes, microscopes, and most other dental cameras in the operatory. By incorporating this new scope and a more ergonomic posture position during procedures, the MagnaVu PS3 can reduce aches and pains, reduce eyestrain, and allow you to produce more and improve the quality of care provided to your patients.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, the team from Magnified Video Dentistry, Inc has once again raised the bar for the current and future standard of care, ergonomics, and operatory design while establishing a bond with our customers that will last a lifetime!