From driving through the soft sands of Australia’s beautiful beaches, climbing the many rugged mountain ranges, to dominating the nation’s muddy farmyards, Magic Mobility has been enabling its clients to experience the freedom and adventure that comes with a go-anywhere wheelchair since 1994.  In the process, the company is re-defining wheelchair mobility for new generations and improving lives.

Magic Mobility’s story started when Ashley Daff, fresh from studying prosthetics at university, secured an assembly role at Sibbing Mobility in suburban Melbourne.  Within six months of his arrival Ash was the go-to man for all of Sibbing’s highly-customised wheelchair solutions.  Over the years, Ash developed strong relationships within the disabled community and was known for his deep understanding of the human body and his exceptional level of mechanical nous.  When the future of Sibbing was looking doubtful Ash took the leap of faith and founded Magic Mobility.