M.R.S. srl is both an EMS and an OEM company at the same time; it provides Electronic Manufacturing Services and is an Original Equipment Manufacturer since 1994. The Company can count on more than 40 years of experience and expertise in electronics, leader in the design and industrialization of electronic boards and systems in domains at high technology content as illuminating engineering and automotive. M.R.S. srl it is a family run business; established from Pasquale Cambiaghi he handed over to his sons: Mario, Roberto and Stefano.

The second generation is determined to improve the business through Innovation technology, Research and Quality. Two sites for 3.500 square meters where everything is concentrated: in house R&D and purchasing departments, design, production, assembling and testing of electronic boards and final products, warehouse and offices

In 2011 M.R.S. introduces RESONANCE® brand to identify its own audiology medical devices line distributed worldwide in more than 60 Countries through a dedicated, exclusive distributors’ network. MRS Electronics branch was a major player amongst worldwide manufacturers of medical devices for audiology as EMS for the Amplifon Group.

Over the past 30 years M.R.S. oversaw the design and manufacture of the latest generation of medical devices under the brand Amplaid; always recognized from ENT professionals for quality and reliability of the tests over the time. The crucial role of RESONANCE® R&D department in the latest advancements in audiology has been acknowledged and praise; RESONANCE® is actually investing in joint collaborations with Italian Universities and Research Centres, to sustain the competitive advantage achieved and offer cutting edge products and solutions to the requirements of the most demanding customers.