Company Profile LUXFER GAS CYLINDERS – Setting the Standard Worldwide Luxfer Gas Cylinders produces the world's most comprehensive range of oxygen cylinders. Used in situations where gas purity, capacity, weight and performance are of high importance, Luxfer offers a broad range of medical cylinders that meet all these requirements. Especially developed to cover every situation, Luxfer cylinders provide significant benefits not only for oxygen patients, but also for caregivers, respiratory therapists, nurses, emergency medical personnel and others who regularly use and handle oxygen equipment. Benefits for Patients: Luxfer Medical cylinders offer important clinical advantages for patients, especially those who are ambulatory. Physicians encourage oxygen patients to exercise, and cylinder system weight and portability are major factors in a patient ability to remain active longer. All Luxfer Medical products are designed to increase mobility and ambulation time. Benefits for Medical Personnel: For those who regularly handle medical equipment, lightweight Luxfer Medical cylinders are much easier to move and transport, reducing the possibility of job-related stress and injury. All Luxfer Medical cylinders are non-magnetic, making them safe to use around MRI equipment. Founded in 1897, Luxfer Gas Cylinders operates seven manufacturing sites and numerous sales offices across the globe. In addition to medical cylinders, Luxfer manufactures cylinders for many other applications, including, life-support for firefighters and other first-responders, compressed natural gas and hydrogen containment, specialty gas containment, fire extinguishers, beverage dispensing, scuba diving, inflation and a variety of aerospace and automotive applications. A member of the Luxfer Group of companies (NYSE:LXFR), Luxfer has grown to be a world leader in product quality and product safety, with innovative programs for the markets we serve. With nearly 40 million cylinders in service in more than 50 countries, Luxfer Gas Cylinders is truly setting the standard worldwide.