Luto Research Limited

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Company Profile Hello, we’re Luto We specialise in creating clear health information.Everything we produce is tested with real people tomake sure it is easy to use. We can work with youto produce both print and digital communications,including Instructions for Use (IFU), educationalmaterials, animations, apps and websites. Luto has a proven track record of working with a range of healthcare organisations, including the top ten international pharmaceutical companies. We also work with medical device companies, regulators, government departments, universities and charities. Our process is backed by over a decade of evidencebased academic rigour – we understand howusers interact, read and engage with healthcareproducts and information. Our methods are provento enhance readability and usability in a variety ofcommunications aimed at patients, carers, cliniciansand academics. Write & Design Luto are experts in writing and designing clear healthcommunications. Our evidenced based approach andunique ‘Audience Design’ service means that userswill find your communications easier to use. Our services include Instructions for Use (IFU) Luto develops clear andunderstandable IFUs. Ouriterative development processinvolves feedback from users(patients and healthcareprofessionals) at key stagesof the process. Come and visit the team at COMPAMED 2015 Stand no. 8aR21. Package Leaflets (PIL) We will review your PIL in depthto enhance its readability ensuringit complies with the current EUQRD template. We also provide • Patient Package Inserts (PPIs) • Medication guides • Risk communication materials • Educational tools • Marketing materials • Animations, apps and websites Study Let us help you understand how usersinteract with your communications or device. Weoffer a range of study methods and tools. Ouracademic links mean that we can design any study tomeet your needs. Our services include Readability User Testing We offer readability user testingon PILs and IFUs across the EUand US. Usability Testing Our hands-on usability testingservice for IFUs and medicaldevices is designed specificallyfor each project based onyour requirements. We also provide • Heuristic evaluation • Expert usability review • Eye tracking • Focus groups • Workshops Come and see us inHall 08a on stand R21