Loncego-The original version – made in Germany!

There are more and more highly satisfied users, EMS studios, personal trainers, wellness institutions, physiotherapists, and sports physicians trusting in the EMS technology of Loncego – on a worldwide basis.
Best quality, innovative, patented, and award-winning. Proved and tested by professionals and recommended by experts.
Precision to meet the highest requirements. Get this incredibly good feeling pulse by pulse!


For more than 20 years, Loncego team has been creating EMS training systems for the whole body.
We have very precise ideas regarding a successful EMS training and continue to improve our product lines to meet your needs.
As an EMS manufacturer. As a team. As a brand.
The question is not, “What are we aiming at?”, but “How can our customers benefit from our ideas?” We know very well that it takes more than good design to provide for the perfect electrical muscle stimulation training.

That is why we have combined the latest technologies, the best materials, and our valuable handcraft perfected over the years.
We follow our own path, continuously advancing and adapting, while setting the new standards in order to meet your needs. Additionally, valid safety standards are observed through ISO9001 certifications. We are driven by passion and determined for innovation, quality and meeting the needs of our customers.

We carefully plan every detail from the initial idea up to its production phase and final user delivery and training.
The most advanced technology – developed to make you successful at reaching your goals.