Company Profile LM Medical Division srl Founded by the Lancini family, LM Medical Division is the thriving result of more than30 years of expertise in the industrial power units and electromedical equipment. LM Medical Division's OKI line is the result of the analysis, resarch, design and manufacture of hight quality bed head units, using state of the art design and manufacturing technology. OKI bed heads are made 100% in Italy and have a user-friendly, pratical design, to guarantee optimal use and durability in healthcare facilities. All OKI models aremade in extruded aluminum profile and hight-tech materials assembled to a choise of several configuration. PRATIKA is a modular, versatile and fixed telescopic curtains system; the detailed,refined product design and the hight quality of the fabricoffer the best privacy solution into all medical environments. ARKO is a full product's range of bumpers, corner guards, hand rails and wall coverings. The hight technology and the details refined products design offer to architects and builders the best solution and integrationinto all medical enviroments.