About us LiteCure, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of highly integrated Bio-photonic Instruments, Diagnostic Devices, and Medical Lasers. The Company has two divisions, a medical division, and a veterinary division. In 2007, LiteCure, LLC introduced the Companion Therapy Laser to the Veterinary market with the most advanced laser technology available. USA Headquarters The Company is located in Newark, Delaware and operates over 35,000 square feet of office space, manufacturing and custom laboratory facilities. Management LiteCure, LLC is managed by a team of employees with advanced academic degrees including PhD's in Chemistry and Physics. In addition, the Company employs a highly experienced team of research and development engineers that represent over 100 years of experience in the field of laser development and systems integration. Manufacturing The Company uniquely offers Vertical Integration with over ten years of direct experience designing, developing and manufacturing various laser technologies and products on an OEM basis, and a direct basis. The Company also owns multi-million dollar manufacturing and testing equipment. Regulatory Compliance The Company is an FDA Registered Corporation and is currently in compliance with all FDA GMP requirements. An initial FDA 510K was granted in March 2007 providing marketing clearance of the LiteCure therapy lasers. Superior Quality Control Each laser goes through a rigorous testing procedure that is designed to meet or exceed all current Quality Control certifications: ISO 9001: Design, Manufacture and Inspection of Medical Lasers ISO 13485: Design, Manufacture and Inspection of Medical Lasers