LIPSDIAG GmbH ( is a biotechnology company founded in 2012, with headquarters in the “BioCity – Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine” of Leipzig, Germany. The company is specialized on the development, manufacture and marketing of diagnostic products, consumables, equipment and services for the qualitative and quantitative molecular diagnostics of nucleic acids. The unique features of the company stand on the validation of new diagnostic targets and on the link between established technologies and an innovative method for detecting genetic polymorphisms.

We offer a wide range of high-quality real-time PCR / RT-PCR kits for the analysis of viruses, bacteria and cellular tumor markers based on DNA/RNA. Besides, we can provide our customers with complete solutions including kits for the purification of nucleic acids, consumables and lab instruments.

The company has been listed in Germany as an EN ISO 13485:2012 certified and at the National Register (DIMDI-database) under code DE/0000046270 registered manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic products for human diagnostic applications that even comprise Annex II, list A products.