Company Profile About us Healthy living is based on everyday care and prevention. Our research team has found that current pain management programs tend to focus on treatment while ignoring prevention. The importance of prevention is often only appreciated after pain strikes. Our main goal at TherMedic®, is to increase self-awareness regarding pain and to create a pain-free quality of living. By building on a foundation of preventative medical careand pain management, we integrate people-oriented mentalities into our products to provide new methods of household healthcare and chronic pain. All of our products are exclusively equipped with "cabric ® Inside", heating pads, made of aerospace grade carbon fiber fabric, which allow far-infrared waves to effectively and efficiently reach deep tissues via resonance absorption. This boosts circulation, which is the cornerstone of self-healing. Through TherMedic®, heat and health come as easily and naturally as the air we breathe, and we hope the whole world will be able to feel our determination and enthusiasm for pain management.