We would introduce our company LINE TAC SRL, as still today it is known and appreciated for its products:

  • Amalgamators, actually we have two model standards as:  digital TAC 400/M and manual TAC 200/S. Exists the real possibility to produce for our costumer the amalgamators with their private label
  • Scaler instruments complete of accessories
  • Led curing light with / without cable
  • Needle incinerator for a safety work in the dentist room.
  • Automatic Themosealing machine

 The long experience for more than 30 years, has rendered the company in a position to having a high  know-out in the dental field.

The qualitative level of the single parts and the materials, several control of work process are to the base of our production.

 The products by LINEA TAC are exported and known all over the world and allowed cooperation with the great dental distributor in the world.