Veterinary Point of Care on unique platform LifeAssays® is a Swedish diagnostic company focused on providing accurate and affordable point-of-care diagnostic testing for veterinarians, community health centres and primary physicians based on our unique, nano-magnetic point-of-care technology platform.

LifeAssays® AB´s acute phase protein tests are available for dogs, cats and horses The unique, patented point-of-care technology is composed of nano-size magnetic particles and a detector system for the identification of biological markers utilizing the technology. This point-of- care platform is the foundation of the diagnostic company LifeAssays®.

Today LifeAssays® is a growing diagnostic company with in-house development, manufacturing and market & sales. LifeAssays continue to develop complete solutions involving a wide range of point-of-care tests used on the unique platform to offer the veterinary and human diagnostic market state-of-the-art products.