Established in 1993, LifeWatch offers a comprehensive range of innovative arrhythmia monitoring and INR testing technologies and services that help physicians detect and analyze patient symptoms before they turn into serious health problems. Through access to real-time patient data and analytics, physicians and care teams can better collaborate, enabling detection and intervention at the earliest sign of a significant health event.

As patient care has become more complex, the burden on clinicians has increased significantly; LifeWatch offers integrated EMR solutions that help reduce this burden, while helping institutions modernize healthcare delivery.

Today, LifeWatch is an industry leader and has set the standard for arrhythmia monitoring with a commitment to develop technology and information solutions that improve the health outcomes of patients. LifeWatch was the first remote monitoring solutions provider to receive Joint Commission accreditation in Telehealth, to deliver an online physician information portal, and to offer auto-trigger monitoring services. The company’s solutions meet ISO, FDA and CMS standards, reflecting its dedication to meeting key performance indicators in patient care.