Company Profile LISA - Life Science Austria, Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH Life Science Austria (LISA) is a focal program that acts as a hub for people from all over the world who are interested in the life sciences in Austria – the first point of contact for anyone with questions about scientific collaboration, setting up an operation, or funding and sponsoring of projects and businesses. Life sciences (understood as the use of recent discoveries in biotechnology and gene technology, combined with innovative medical technology, to target specific market applications) is one of the most exciting and innovative areas for research, with great commercial potential. LISA’s aim is to contribute to the success of life sciences enterprises in Austria by helping bring scientific discoveries to the market, assisting in the search for funding and finance, and providing general business consultancy, education and support to ensure healthy commercial development. The program LISA was initiated by the → Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour of the Republic of Austria. Cooperating partners are ecoplus. Wirtschaftsagentur für Niederösterreich /Technopole Niederösterreich, → OÖ Technologiemarketinggesellschaft TMG, → Human Technology Styria, → LISA Vienna Region and the → Tyrolean Future Foundation.