NTS TO ARREST BLEEDING PROFESIONALLY The company LIFE LINE plus s.r.o. has established itself as a reliable partner in situations that may be risky and the health should be appropriately protected. The company produces medical devices, marketed under the brand name BLOODCARE, haemostatic agents that are designed to stop bleeding and medical devices for wound healing market. All products produced, sold and distributed by LIFE LINE plus s.r.o. are produced under the certified Quality Management System in compliance with standards EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012. They are set to be of high-class quality, with reliable performance, providing state-of-the art solutions for the management and control of undesirable bleeding. OUR MISSION AND OUR KEY TARGET is: - to be recognized as a reliable partner whenever health should be protected - to fulfill needs, requirements and expectations of customers by supplying them with safe and functional products of high-class quality