diagnosic Kits for Infectious Disease & Allergy In a bid to find the next-generation diagnostic methologies, the Company is developing seminal technology and products related to DNA analysis and Lab-on-a-chip technology, which can be used to simultaneously find multiple disease markers in short time. The Company will continue its efforts to emerge as a top global brand in the diagnostic field. The company’s goal in diagnostics R&D is to raise the competitiveness of current products and to cultivate a steady stream of strategic products for the future. To this end, core competencies are being strengthened and its efforts focus on new product development. The trend in diagnostic medicine technology today is to generate value by incorporating information, nanotechnologies and biotechnologies. LG Life Sciences is building upon its world-class technology in infections diseases and accelerating R&D research to secure a technological edge in ELISA, real-time PCR, ImmunoBlot for allergy,and several types of biochips. With the sequencing of the human genome was revealed, the resulting data has been applied to acquiring new disease markers and other new contents. LG Life Sciences continues to spare no resources to secure some of the world’s foremost R&D competencies.