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3D Pre-Operative Planning System *Product Information Configuration : Main modules: ZedHip (THA), ZedKnee (TKA), JIGEN (TKA + intra-op. support) and ZedOsteotomy (periacetabular osteotomy) Database : CT data sets (DICOM format) are imported to the database and can uniformly be managed. 3D visualization : 3D bone models are constructed from CT data semi-automatically. 3D view and MPR (Multi-Planar Reconstruction) views help surgeons understand and manipulate articulations of the complex 3D structure easily. Pre-operative planning : Optimized sizes and positions of artificial implants can easily be determined on the 3D model and MPR (Multi-Planar Reconstruction) images. Intra-operative parameters, e.g. anteversion/inclination angles and resection amounts for THA, are calculated in 3D. Surgical simulations, e.g. ROM (Range Of Motion) of the hip joint and curved periacetabular osteotomy, can also be performed. A linked jig for hip gives excellent results for acetabular cup angles. For knee, TKA and UKA (Uni-compartmental Knee Arthroplasty) can be planned in 3D specifically for difficult cases such as revision knees with long stems. A linked jig for knee also gives excellent results for the rotation, varus/valgus and flexion/extension angles and resection amount. Conjunction with jig : Position of the knee cutting jig can be simulated. Parameters are calculated for intra-operative use to get accurate surgical result comparable to computer navigated systems. *Main Features Accuracy : Higher than the conventional templating systems using 2D CR/X-ray images and, in conjunction with cutting jig, even comparable to or better than navigation systems. ZedView provides important parameters that are only possible with 3D. These parameters such as anteversion and inclination angles of the hip result in excellent surgical outcomes. For knee, too, ZedView allows to reduce surgical time and the learning curve of difficult cases, such as revision using long-stemmed implant. Time : Easy to handle 3D models and artificial implants. Only 15 minutes for pre-operative planning. Cost :Software fees are a fraction of the cost of PSI (Patient Specific Instrumentation) or navigation systems.