Company Profile Levtrade International (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1990 with the primary idea of providing an effective and efficient method of treating burns in the acute (emergency) phase. A burn is a unique injury - one of the most severe and painful injuries imaginable. ® emergency burn care products provide for the immediate primary care of burn injuries. Introduction of ® burn dressings focused on the emergency treatment of Burns. Trials conducted in Hospitals and the Emergency Medical Services soon provided the endorsements and acceptance of the Medical profession. These endorsements, coupled with internationally accepted independent laboratory tests, research and acceptance in key Hospital & EMS protocol , paved the way for the development to all sectors of the market and led to the introduction of training & educational items to compliment the range. As Burns happen anywhere and at any time, the product is used and sold to the Consumer, Industrial, Military, Police\Traffic , Correctional Services ,First Aid Kit Manufacturers, Hospital & EMS\Fire departments. The Fire Trauma Blanket developed and designed with the Wool Board and the Council for Scientific Research (CSIR) found a ready market in the Emergency Services field where it is used as an entry\escape to\from fire areas , to extinguish flames on a burning victim and to act as a large dressing providing instant pain relief. The range is made up of the following: BlanketsDressingsHydrogelsBurn KitsContour Body Dressings The production of ® is carried out in our sophisticated factory, Burnshield (Pty) Ltd, under the supervision of Managing Director Max Di Domenico. Here clinical areas and controlled air environment ensured the award of ISO 9001 , ISO 13485 and CE ( European) mark registration, the guarantee of quality production to the highest European Standards. Burnshield has FDA ( USA) and TGA( Australia) approvals to market. The product range expanded yet again to include SOLACE ® SunCare products endorsed by CANSA South Africa for Aftersun and SPF protection. As the company grew and opened up new markets, the demand for a quality First Aid & Surgical Range became a priority and a perfect adjunct to the Burnshield® range, Levtrade designed and produced an extensive range of First Aid & Trauma Kits to cover every purpose extending to Factories, Hotels, Sport, Retail , Medical Professionals and Corporate own branding. Our belief in providing quality at all times afforded us the opportunity to distribute our own brand of Sport Strapping , Tapes and Kits under the PROSTRAP® brand. This has been well received by Sports Doctors, Sports Teams, Physio’s, Clubs and Schools.