LevMed Ltd.

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LevMed - Keeping Health Simple In LevMed we focus on the development, production, and marketing of cardiology monitoring and diagnosis solutions having a goal in mind of Keeping Health Simple . Currently, our main product line consists of reusable ECG Electrode Belts providing a simple, fast, and cost effective solution for the conduct of Rest ECG assessments in a wide range of clinical settings, from clinics, long-term care, home care, hospitals, emergency units, remote settings, sports center, employee health assessment organizations, airlines, to armies, and other. Replacing the, currently used, ECG disposable or suction electrodes, our ECG Electrode Belts prevent the need for disposables, gel, and shaving. They reduce ECG assessment time and cost, allowing the assessment to be performed by both professionals and non-professionals, while improving patient comfort. Our ECG Electrode Belts are compatible with any ECG device and are already widely used in different markets and clinical settings. We have recently introduced a new specially designed Pediatric ECG Electrode Belt. This ECG Belt provides a true solution for the challenges involved in performing ECG assessments for young children. Our R&D team is currently focused on the final development stages of a reusable ECG Electrode Belt intended for Cardiac Stress Tests, which will soon be introduced to market. Please come to visit us and use our products in our Booth Hall 9 / C11. Downloads: LevMed ECG Electrode Belts MA-001B LevMed Brochure Final.pdf