Lenjoy Medical Engineering Inc

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Lenjoy Medical Engineering, Inc. owned and run by an Occupational therapist, who has over 20 years experience in occupational therapy working with arthritic, geriatric and pediatric patients extensively. Lenjoys staff also includes a team of engineers who have expertise in mechanical, electronic and bio-engineering. Lenjoy developed a full line of static and dynamic orthotics for the hand, elbow, knee and foot. All of the orthotics come in adult and pediatric sizes. Work continues on the development of new splints, braces and supports that will help individuals. In addition to the line of orthotics, Lenjoy has many seating and positioning devices, walkers, canes, mattresses, cushions and wheelchair attachments, all geared toward increasing the individuals independence in function, as well as their feeling of self worth.Presently Lenjoy is manufacturing a full line of orthotics (splints) for the hand , knee, elbow and foot. Each of our splints is unique, and we take pride in the fact that they are soft and comfortable to wear. The covers are made of high quality dri-release terrycloth with freshguard, that wick away moisture and prevents skin breakdown, as well as obliterate odors. The splints are adjustable and readjustable and come in adult and pediatric sizes.