Company Profile The Leibniz-Institute for Plasma Science and Technology The Leibniz-Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP Greifswald) is the largest non-university research institute in Europe that is dedicated to research and development in the field of non-thermal plasmas. The mission of the institute is application-driven basic research from idea to prototype. Accordingly, research is conducted with a close look at industry-needs and with industry partners, adapting plasmas to specific customer needs. Furthermore, fundamental topics, such as Plasma Medicine, are thoroughly studied from first principles, but again with future applications in mind. As a member of the more than 89 non-university institutes that are organized in the Leibniz Association, the INP Greifswald is committed to research of high scientific merit and broad impact. A flexible structure and interdisciplinary culture permits the institute to respond readily to new challenges. Currently two research programs are focused on Materials & Energy and on Environment & Health, respectively. The priorities that are pursued in eight research programs accordingly are: Materials & Energy: - Surfaces and Thin Films - Catalytic Materials - Process Monitoring - Welding and Switching Environment & Health: - Bioactive Surfaces - Plasma Medicine and Decontamination - Pollutant Degradation - Bioelectrics