LED was founded in 1982 as an unregistered corporation, for the purpose of designing medical electronic equipment. Thanks to uninterrupted broadening of activity the company grew continuously and in 1996 the name was changed to LED SpA, i.e. unquoted joint-stock company. LED SpA implements activities in its 1,600 square meters surface plant, in a 12,000 square meters yard, close to National Road SS 148 - Pontina, about 50 kilometers south of Rome. 90% of the LED SpA team has high school grade attendance, and both digital and analog design/development experience with specific ability to handle medical equipment and RFI, EMI and EMC problems. The activity of designing electronic circuits as well as layout techniques and software are supported by CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Complete Risk Assessment and Analysis is filled for each design. Circuit’s components are selected among the most up to date, and their reliability has been assured through both careful qualification of the component themselves and their suppliers. Surface mount components are preferred in the production to improve, by automatic placing on PCB, the manufacturing process and reach high reliability at moderate production cost. Automatic computer controlled adjustment steps assure high reproducibility of calibration. Each unit has been submitted to various levels of control and test starting from the component parts acceptance test, through the intermediary process tests and three final tests: a Feature Control, an Acceptance Test and, more, each production lot has been submitted to a Quality Survey Test. The adopted modularity in design, together with detailed Instruction for Use, Maintenance Manual and Service training, allows scheduled maintenance and after sales service to be simply done by a field engineer thus cutting down the equipment out of work time. LED SpA has provided with UNI CEI ISO 9001 and UNI CEI EN 46001 – ISO 13485, Whole Quality Certified System, whose procedures are constantly applied in every phase of development and manufacturing of the products, under the watch of LED SpA’ Quality Assurance Office. All the LED SpA’ products conform both General Safety Requirements and Specific International Standards concerning each single device and destination of use, and are CE marked under the IMQ Notified Body control and approval, where required. Please have a look at our web site: www.led.it, and click on download, you will find detailed information regarding our product’s line which includes: · HF electrosurgical units which can deliver HF power in the range from 50 W up to 380 W, and are useful for surgical operation by Monopolar or Bipolar techniques including timed or automatic power delivery procedures. · Electro-physiotherapeutic medical equipment for the generation of low frequency and medium frequency stimulating currents, pulse current, Russian current, interferential current. Thermo-therapeutic ultrasound, pulsed magnetic field generators, pneumatic pressure drainer. Pulsed or continuous LASER therapeutic bio-stimulating systems. · Medical aesthetic electro-equipment for body building, electro-lipolysis, pneumatic lymph-drainage, ultrasound adipoclasis, LASER treatments.

Besides design, production and marketing of medical equipment made under its own label, LED SpA’ activity has devoted to develop and manufacture medical electronic equipment and circuits on OEM basis, working as an outsource contractor, by developing design following the customer’s technical specifications. LED SpA can offer to the customer its experience on medical electronics, its know how for specific project and supply CE certified medical equipment under a private label. LED SpA plans to continue to expand in the near future, doubling its plant within the next year and increasing both its research and developing activity as well as its manufacturing power, to better meet the requests from its actual customers and from new customers that will be welcomed.