LEA Medizintechnik GmbH History LEA was founded in 1995 with the objective of transferring new optical methods for non-invasive investigation of vital parameters from intensive clinical research into products with strong demand on the clinical market.

LEA has many years of experience in developing sensor technology, measurement probes, flexible software solutions, ergonomic, customer oriented user interfaces and in producing PC supported diagnostic devices. The technical basis of the devices has been developed and verified by an high qualified team of engineers, technicians, human biologists and physicians in cooperation with research facilities and hospitals. Up to now LEA and its partners have applied altogether for five patents of hardware and measuring methods resp. acquired the rights for them (mostly worldwide). Furthermore four brands (OptoFlow, AbTisSpec, O2C and CytoSpec) had been registered.

Essential for the competitive advantage is the know how which is reflected by the self developed theoretical models and the interpretation of the measured values. This knowledge is, to the bigger part, protected knowledge of the company and generates an important basis for the current development. New studies are permanently carried out with LEA devices. Some are already completed and published and therewith they are showing steadily new fields of application. The close contact to hospitals and the permanent feedback of the users permit an optimal, application-oriented development of our devices.