Company Profile About us In 1987, LASERVISION was founded as a joint venture between UVEX (protective work equipment) and Rupp + Hubrach (corrective glasses). In record time, LASERVISION estab­lished itself as a leading company in laser safety eyewear. Today, LASERVISION is a well known global player and with 30 employees, is a mar­ket leader in technology and possesses a portfo­lio of products. LASERVISION develops, man­ufactures and markets laser safety products, concentrating on safety eyewear. Early in 2004 the UVEX group took over the shares from Rupp + Hubrach which now makes LASERVISION a wholly-owned subsidi­ary of UVEX. The protective work equipment manufacturer and laser safety eyewear spe­cialists form a synergetic partnership bringing benefits to both areas. Research and Development LASERVISION's own research depart­ment targets innovative solutions to protect your eyes. By actively engaging with various national and international standardisation insti­tutes for laser safety regulations (international level: ISO/TC94/SC6 - Occupational Eye-Pro­tection; European level: TC85 - Eye-Protective Equipment; national level: Normenausschuss Feinmechanik und Optik NaFuO/AA Augen-schutz), LASERVISION has become a com-petent partner in safety. In addition, LASERVISION participates in international research projects for laser safety (e.g. SAFEST), has established close coopera­tion with scientific research institutes in Ger­many and Europe, and transfers the knowledge gained in this work to their own products. This means that customers of LASERVISION always benefit from the state of the art in science and technology. Company Philosophy LASERVISION has committed itself to a stringent safety philosophy. Exceeding the legal minimum requirements of the CE-mark, LASERVISION's products and production facili­ties are subject to close supervision and quality testing by independent institutes.