Laproman LLC

Endorse Company
Laproman Endoserv LLC is a US-based company registered in the State of Michigan. Since its inception, Laproman Endoserv has been supplying the medical industry worldwide with high-quality pre-owned endoscopic systems and components, used by physicians in diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures. We are a full-line supplier and service facility of pre-owned rigid and flexible endoscopy equipment and other related components manufactured by the world's leading OEM's. We are one of the world's largest stocking dealers of pre-owned endoscopy systems. By maintaining an extensive inventory of patient-ready camera systems, scopes (diagnostic and operative), surgical instruments, power equipment, insufflators, light sources, and other related products, we have become a reliable resource to a large network of well-reputable medical equipment dealers and healthcare professionals throughout the US and abroad. In addition to refurbished equipment, Laproman Endoserv also offers a selected line of new products at very competitive prices.