Lacrimedics, Inc. has been guided by Robert Herrick, MD and his son Robert Herrick II, since 1984. The company was founded as a vehicle to disseminate medical products and information about Occlusion Therapy to doctors and their patients.

Lacrimedics offers the Herrick System™ of Occlusion Therapy featuring dissolvable and non-dissolvable intracanalicular plugs for short, medium, and long-term Occlusion Therapy in Dry Eye patients, and those with related Tear System Dysfunction.

Unlike punctum style plugs which are designed to reside half-way-in and half-way-out (includes a cap that rests on the eyelid and may touch or irritate the eye) intracanalicular Herrick plugs should never stick up above the eyelid, or touch the eye at any time.