Macrimasa-PHARMA LABORATORIES, SA is a medical company that was founded in Malaga in 2005 and whose activity is focused on design, develop, manufacture, produce and distribute electromedical equipment, medical consumables and equipment and emergency emergency. From the first moment all our efforts have focused on building a business dedicated to developing products that contribute to saving lives.

To this end, we have focused on the field of research and innovation as the only way to achieve excellence in the fight against disease and pain. To meet the needs of customers in Macrimasa-PHARMA LABORATORIES, SA believe that the only way to guarantee the quality of our products is personally making the whole process.

So in our organization we research, design, develop, manufacture, produce and sell all our products. In addition to this, our company and our products are certified by the most prestigious and rigorous global organizations. To learn more about our organization, let me welcome and introduce everything Macrimasa-PHARMA LABORATORIES, SA can do for you.