Company Profile KREIENBAUM KREIENBAUM Neoscience and KREIENBAUM Wissenschaftliche Meßsysteme are successful sales companies located in Langenfeld, Germany. KREIENBAUM Wissenschaftliche Meßsysteme e.K was founded in 1997, KREIENBAUM Neoscience GmbH in 2004. We supply to Germany, Austria, German-speaking part of Switzerland and some East European countries innovative products from well-known suppliers for the medical and biotechnological market. In Germany we exclusively represent the manufacturers Wescor, YSI - Yellow Springs Instruments, Neotech Products, Nicolet Vascular, Finepcr, Groton Biosystems, Charis, Magellan Instruments and Finesse. Our team offers consulting, application, sale and service of innovative products. KREIENBAUM Wissenschaftliche Meßsysteme is specialized in biotechnology and laboratory equipment. Our customers are laboratories in hospitals, private medical laboratories, biopharmaceutical production and research institutes. In the medical field we are focused on microbiology and hematology labs as well as central laboratories in hospitals. We offer automatic hematology and microbiology stainers, cytocentrifuges and osmometers. The golden standard analyzer for glucose and lactate measurements are also in our portfolio. Our Life Sciences customers get from us multiparameter bioanalytical analyzers, monitors for dissolved gases, sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen, foam and cell-density. To measure carbon dioxide and oxygen in exhaust gases a gas-analyzer is available. For hands-free sampling a on-line bioreactor auto sampler can be bought from KREIENBAUM. To complete our product-line we have shakers, mixers an incubators for medical and biotechnical laboratories. For the diagnostic and health care market KREIENBAUM Neoscience is the reliable and competent partner for our medical customers in hospitals and doctor offices. Physicians get from KREIENBAUM cystic fibrosis diagnostics (sweat test equipment), Bilirubin diagnostic and therapy devices, dopplers for vascular and obstetrical determinations and bladder scanning devices. For the neonatal intensive care units KREIENBAUM Neoscience offers special care products, e.g. umbilical catheter holder, tubing and cannula holder and suction devices. Enuresis therapy devices and orthopedic and wound care medical products, e.g. cast and bandage covers is provided for the Home Care market. Further details can be found on our websites and .