Company Profile About us Manufacturing process of company Koval d.o.o. has been based on making specialized products and medicine equipment for physiotherapy, medicine, care and recovery over a decade now. Important part of its product structure are: - professional equipment for physiotherapy (all kind of therapeutic, examination, massage tables, limfodranal, manipulation, traction…) - equipment for care of unmovable or heavy movable persons (care beds, hospital beds, carts that help people with walking, handles for use in bathrooms, sanitation rooms…) - equipment for wellness centers and beauty parlors (brushing tables, cosmetics tables, resting chairs…) In company Koval we can safely say that our products are carefully planned and designed. They are made according to all demands and requirements needed for its purpose of use, and are made from best built in materials and drives. We can prove that with various certificates and acquired CE for all of our products. The best proof of our quality of course, are satisfied clients that use our products. We are inviting you to become on of them. Our credit is swift service and our priority are satisfied clients.