About KONICA MINOLTA In 2003, great changes were taking place in the imaging industry against the backdrop of the increasing use of digital networks. To capitalize on this paradigm shift to bring about significant change in their way of doing business, two manufacturers with expertise in light merged. This was the beginning of Konica Minolta. Starting afresh under the management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value,” and the corporate message, “The essentials of imaging,” Konica Minolta combined optical technologies that both manufacturers had developed and refined for years. We have successfully created various types of value through the development of office equipment that incorporates core technologies in the fields of imaging, optics, materials, and nano-fabrication; diagnostic imaging systems that contribute to digital networking in the medical field; and optical products for industrial use created with world-class technologies. By continuing to offer unique products, Konica Minolta has succeeded in establishing a significant market presence. Ten years have passed since the founding of Konica Minolta; during that time, progress in information and communications technology(ICT) has caused extraordinary changes in the way we live and work. The days when manufacturers were able to satisfy customers simply by offering good products are over. If we are to survive in the industry, we must have in-depth understanding of problems that face our customers and the rest of society, and help solve those problems by adding value to them. With this in mind, we are accelerating changes in our focus from products to services and solutions. As a corporate group involved in a wide range of businesses, we have points of contacts with customers in many different fields. Leveraging this advantage, we will continue to create new values to meet future needs by offering integrated, versatile technologies, products, and services with a thorough understanding of the problems our customers face.