Developed and manufactured in Austria, worldwide in usage KOHLBRAT & BUNZ, founded 1930, develops and manufactures medical products for Rescue and Emergency and for Immobilsation of patients durng MRI and CT imaging as well as surgery.

Development and production is in accordance with ISO EN 9001:2008 & ISO EN 13485:2003, certified by TÜV Austria. The products are made 850 meters above sea level in the middle of the Austrian Alps by the experienced and meticulously working Kohlbrat & Bunz staff.

People living in the Alps know all to well that products used in the extreme conditions of alpine rescue have to work perfectly. To meet these rigorous demands Kohlbrat & Bunz products are developed in close cooperation with the Austrian and German alpine military, the civil alpine mountain rescue teams and other demanding emergency services. This cooperation has brought about a selection of the best materials and optimal product design leading to products of outstanding performance and quality.