Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics KogeneBiotech provides the state-of-the-art Real-time PCR Kits for Clinical Dx, Food safety testing and Veterinary Dx. We have the expertise in on-demand molecular diagnostics technology and have developed over 400 total solution kits from nucleic acid extraction to detection. We always focus on searching a new market, R&D works and customization of needs from the filed. As a result, KogeneBiotech is the Korean industry leader in the field of Real-time PCR Kit market for Clinical Dx and Food safety testing PowerChek™ Real-time PCR Kit series covers wide range from Clinical Dx to Food safety testing. The kits provides the flexible open system running on various platforms. Category of Real-time PCR Kits Clinical Diagnostics - MERS-CoV (Used in Korea MERS outbreak, 2015) - 25 Gastroenteric Panel - Influenza Virus - Respiratory Virus Food Safety Test - 25 Foodborne Pathogen Panel - Animal Species ID - Halal Test - GMO Veterinary Diagnostics - Porcine Disease virus - Bovine Disease virus - Avian Disease virus Nucleic Acid Extraction - Clinical Diagnostics - Food safety test - Veterinary Diagnostics Quality Management System - ISO13485:2003 - ISO/IEC 17025 - CE-IVD - Manufacturer of Medical Device, certified by KFDA - Food Testing Lab. certified by KFDA - Genetic Testing Lab certified by MOH We Provide - Various Clinical Diagnostics Kit with Convenience & Simplicity - Unique Products for Food & Feed Safety - Specialty in On-Demand Development - Customization by Market’s Needs - SOP for Government Regulation - Active & Differentiated Technical Support