About Klimaoprema Cleanroom Solutions Klimaoprema d.d. is a leading Croatian manufacturer of cleanroom systems, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. For almoust 40 years Klimaoprema has been supplying its products to many customers in Europe and around the globe. Klimaoprema CLEANROOM SOLUTIONS offers turn-key solutions: engineering in cleanrooms, design, production, assembly, service, balancing, validation. We design, engineer and manufacture, we perform service, maintenance and validations. The entire know-how in this sector is the result of our own research and development. Our applications have been confirmed in practice and meet the most stringent regulations pertaining to the pharmaceutical, hospital, chemical and food industries. This modern, well-organised manufacturing company is made up of excellent professionals, engineers and designers, superior quality CNC machinery, test laboratory, ERP information system for business process management, quality management system certified to ISO 9001, programme for product selection and continuing development of new products in compliance with applicable international regulations and standards. The company employs over 220 people at the central location and registered office in Samobor, Croatia,and disposes of 10.000 m² of manufacturing and warehousing area including the offices. Klimaoprema Cleanroom Solutions consists of people who, with their knowledge and energy realize a vision of a successful company growth. We are a company attractive to people looking for a job, where the existing employees are satisfied and the business partners receive all the assistance they need in project implementation. Our production programe consists of: Cleanrooms, Operating rooms, Operation ceilings,Laminar flow booths, Laminar flow hoods, Microbiological safety cabinets, Weighing/Containment booths, Cleanroom furniture, Special devices, Filtration elements.