Kirchner und Müller Lasertechnik GmbH

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Company Profile KMLT® - High Precision Laser Micro Machining High precision laser micro processing and accurate laser sub-contract marking embody the business capacity of the KIRCHNER UND MÜLLER LASERTECHNIK GMBH. Foundetin 1991, the KIRCHNER UND MÜLLER LASERTECHNIK GbR was one of the first laser-job-shops in East Germanyshortly after the German reunification. After a successful transformation into a GmbH (limited company) in 1994, the company became one of the leading laser sub-contract finishers in Germany. Thelaser micro machining as a specific market segment with strong future potential was the reason to founda new company called DREMICUT GMBH was founded in 2001. Its goal was to dedicate itself more strongly to this specialized field. Today DREMICUT successfully produces laser-cut precision stencils for the electronic industry and specializes in fields such as the laser-micro-cutting of high precision parts used in a variety of industries such as the medical field and exclusive brand name mechanical watches.It is the use of a very wide spectrum of modern laser systems from renowned manufacturersthat provides the technical basis for our first class laser machining. Nd:YAG-laser, fibre-laser, CO2-laser, diode-laser and UV-laser systems are ready for use for all demanding applications. Not forgetting the importance of a high standard finish, our high resolution measurement machines provide a qualitative analysis of the results. In addition to the technical prerequisites, it is our many years of experience, our company specific high quality standards and our enormous flexibility that allows the firm KMLT® to deliver to particularly challenging industries. We regularly supply high standard products to microelectronic companies, to car manufacturers, to medical instrument providers, and to the watch-industry, as well as to producers of renowned and exclusive luxury goods. It is our highly qualified engineers with leading technological know-how, motivated workers with a very good professional knowledge and our modern equipment that provides the successful combination that makes the firm KMLT® a competent partner for your application.