King Khaled Hospital in Najran area of great importance in the region because it represents a quantum leap in the history of unusual health Najran since the day it opened.

He has kept the hospital on his lead since its inception and even today being a referral hospital only region multiplicity of services and specialties available by , and the largest in terms of the capacity of the clinical and operational capacity , which actually reached about 300 beds and adopted the health of Najran on King Khaled Hospital including owns the possibilities in the development of techniques of health care services new in the region , whether in the field of medical services for diagnostic , therapeutic or non-medical services in the areas of information systems , security and safety of health facilities , as adopted in the activation policies of the Ministry of Health and to keep pace aphid typical hospital for the rest of the region's hospitals . Was the opening of the King Khaled Hospital in Najran ( 1404 ) was also the opening of the center , Prince authorities to heart disease and kidney year ( 1422 ) and clinical capacity of 20 beds.