KindWell Medical focus on producing medical disposable products,mainly including Oxygen and Anesthesia products,PVC and Silicone disposable products differents tubes,breathing tubing and so on. We are specialized in exporting business since 2005 as long as the research & study of the anethesia device.

Seeking new products to expend our airway manangerment as one of our point. KindWell started to establish our own production at year of 2011 by 1500 square meter of clean room,injection machine,Sterlization device.Our factory has introducted domestically and internationally advanced plastic injection molding extruding molding and silicone injection and other special equipment to produce disposable medical devices for Anesthesia,Breathing,First Aid ICU,Interposition Therapy,etc.

Our main products have been developed such as Endotracheal Tubes(Reinforced),Laryngeal Masks (5Different Kinds)Breathing Circuit tubes(5 Different kinds),Disposable Suction tubing Yankauer Suckers,different kinds of PVC or Silicone Tubing and so on.