Company Profile Trustworthy through 70 years KEN A/S is an innovative enterprise with more than seventy years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of disinfecting washers, bedpan washers and laboratory washers, as well as dishwashing systems for institutional kitchens and the food industry. We offer a wide programme of standard solutions and develope specific solutions for individual purposes. Today KEN has a leading position on the Scandinavian market, and we have our own sales companies in Sweden and Norway. Most of our products are sold to our export markets by means of an extensive network. In addition to sales in a number of European markets, KEN exports products to several Middle East countries and to overseas markets in South America, the Far East and Australia. Our disinfecting washers fulfil all relevant EU standards, i.e. the Council Directive 93/42/EØF and Council Directive 89/336/EØF. In 1999, the company was certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 13485:1996 and EN ISO 14001:1996, Quality Control System, as well as in accordance with DS/EN ISO 14001/1996, Environmental Management System.