About us For more than 40 years since its foundation KEISEI has played a significant role to the advancement of latest medical technology as a manufacturer of devices and equipments for Plastic Surgery, Micro surgery, Dermatology, Orthopedics related fine surgery, ontological surgery, Urology and Pediatric. We are licensed manufacturer/distributor of medical devices under Japanese pharmaceutical affairs law. At the same time, our quality management system is certified by SGS UK in accordance with ISO9001 / ISO13485 etc. and we have been developing products in compliance with international standards and requirements. We have dedicated ourselves also as a developer/supplier of high-tech medical device such as titanium made implants for orthopedics as well as catheters for cardio-vascular and cerebral-vascular field. Maintaining KEISEI unique technologies for devices, equipment and instrument in line with our corporate policy “Contribution to the medicine of 21st century “, we never forget to assure our best of quality service to our customers. We will appreciate and listen to our customers’ severe opinion, complaint and advice as a voice of god, which is the greatest support and valuable guide for our future.