High precision machining and assembly of medical product KANEKO Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1956 and, has over 60 years of manufacturing experience of high precision components especially for medical endoscope. For many decades, company has been providing high precision parts for several major medical device companies. Today, our trusted and advanced precision technologies are used for several areas both domestically and internationally, not only for medical industries. Company specialized in the machining of extremely small and complex shaped parts. Accordingly, parts are suitable for electrode of vagus nerve stimulation system, tip of instrument of artificial cardiac organ systems and the like. Some of our technology examples are: 1. Adhesive/Welding/Brazing technology 2. Perfect finishing 3. Tiny parts machining technology (parts size from 0.3mm~) 4. Extreamly thin processing (thickness from 0.05mm~) 5. Circularity/ position accuracy 6. Extreamly complex shape processing 7. Mirror surface finished technology We contribute to customer's wishes freely and elegantly without limits. It's KANEKO's mission to continue being a company needed from all customers. We look forward to seeing you at COMPAMED 2014 and hope to be able to seize business opportunity at the meetings.