Company Information For over two and half decades Kami International has been committed to provide medical products to healthcare sector including a wide range of general, orthopedic and oral surgery instruments. From the beginning the Kami International offering innovative, high quality, cost effective instruments to healthcare industry worldwide and ensuring the top priority service as a main tool of business. That’s the thing the worldwide people knows Kami International as a producer of quality instruments and prefer to use, sell and suggest Kami’s made instruments for all kind of surgical & dental procedures. At present the company distributes its products in more than thirty (30) countries through its trusted distributors. Kami International is fully equipped with latest manufacturing mechanism which ensures that each instrument made by Kami’s factory is of total quality, low priced, bear ultimate perfection and reliability. In today's demanding healthcare environment, investing in kami international is a smart move to control cost and add value to patient care.